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At Queen of the North Genetics our mission is to ensure you a successful harvest.  We are a small Veteran owned, family business based in Auburn Maine. We specialize in cannabis strains that finish on time in the short growing season of the northeast.  

We are a beyond organic operation and do things a little different here at our small farm.  All of our clones are grown in healthy living soil mixed with vermicompost made right here on the farm.  No chemical fertilizers are ever used. 

Our clones selection is purposefully small but of the highest quality.  While the cold hardy outdoor strains are our specialty, all of these strains will do well indoors.   Our outdoor certified strains have been selected through years of cultivating and breeding only the most vigorous and early phenotypes.  These strains have proven themselves to be disease resistant, early, and high yielding, with tight heavy flowers.   

Our clones are not sold until fully rooted in 3 inch pots with our soil mix.   If you need your clones in a soil-less mix we are happy to accommodate. 

We pride ourselves on customer service not just for when you buy your clones but all the way through your grow.  Our customers frequently call us with questions and we are always happy to help.

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