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We list our clones in two categories: Outdoor Certified and First Year Trial. 

Outdoor Certified clones have been tested and evaluated outdoors by us to

ensure that they finish on time in the short growing season of the northeast, are disease resistant and of the highest quality. 

First Year Trial are plants with potential that we have yet to evaluate. They are either clones from respected growers who have had success with the strain, or year one  phenotype hunts of breeders we trust.  

Price List

$25- Clones fully rooted in 4 inch pots are 6 to 12 inches tall. 

Bulk Orders

7 to 17 clones 10% off

18 clones and above 20% off

Teens (Limited Availability)

$75 and up- Teens in half gallon pots are 12 or more inches tall 

Coast of Maine Soil

$25-Stonington Blend Grower’s Mix (Super Soil) 1.5 cf bags (10 Gallons)

Outdoor Certified (Last week of September) 7-8 weeks indoors

Mother of Berries  M.O.B.

The classic Maine strain for a reason.  Our phenotype is an exceptional one.  It has dense buds and a wonderful purple and blue color.  The aroma is jam packed with a berry smell that is true to this strain.  Seven years running we have grown this strain and it is always at the top of our list and almost always one of the first to be harvested.  

THC 19 to 24%  / CBD .01%

Indica Dominant Hybrid

Outdoor Certified (First Week of October) 7-9 weeks indoors

Northern Lights

Our most hardy and easiest to grow strain . We went through a lot of phenotypes to settle on this fantastic plant.  Short and stocky very thick branching and very little thinning required. Great pick for beginners or large growers that require a plant that does not need a lot of love.  Beautiful green sparkling buds with brown hairs.  Musky, cheesy and earthy smell.

THC 20% / CBD 0%

Indica Dominant Hybrid

Outdoor Certified (First to Second week of October) 7-9 weeks indoors

White Walker

We crossed our White Widow with a Sky Walker and the results were so good we replaced our White Widow with this cross.  This cross is one of our highest yielding strains along with our most vigorous.  No flashy colors but loaded with sparkling trichomes.  Heavy aromas of cheese.  Very bud rot resistant and we have never seen a spot of powdery mildew on it. 

THC 21% / CBD .01%

Sativa Dominant Hybrid 

Outdoor Certified (First Week of October) 7-9 weeks indoors

Purple Tangie

Star Pupil from Mass Medical Strains was crossed with the famous Tangie strain to produce an earlier finish and great citrus aroma's.  The results are fantastic, dense, dark purple, near black colored buds. Wonderful bag appeal. 

THC 20% / CBD 0%

Sativa Dominant Hybrid 

Outdoor Certified (First to Second week of October)  7-8 weeks indoors

Forbidden Zkittlez 

From Ethos breeders.  Last years most successful new found strain.  The pheno we picked out will likely be our biggest planting this coming season.  So loaded with trichomes it sparkles like a diamond. Maybe most importantly these flowers are super easy and fast to trim saving time and money for the grower.  Fruity flavors dominated by grape. Beautiful purple undertones on the flowers. 

THC 24% / CBD 0%

Indica Dominant Hybrid

Outdoor Certified (First to second week of October)  7-8 weeks indoors

Purple Sunset

 From Ethos breeders. This is a very dense strain.  Love how this flower smells and tastes.  Rich full bodied spicy smoke that's a little sweet. She has purple leaves and green and purple flowers come cool fall weather.     

THC 19 to 24%/CBD 1-2%

Slightly Indica Dominant Hybrid

Outdoor Certified (Last week of September) / 7 to 9 weeks indoor


The sweet flavors of fresh blueberries combine with relaxing effects to produce a long-lasting sense of euphoria. Many consumers utilize Blueberry to help contend with pain and stress, while connoisseurs and growers admire the strain for its colorful hues and high THC content.

THC 19-24%

Indica Dominant Hybrid

First Year Trial/ LIMITED (Supposed to finish by the last week of September)

Lemonberry (Ethos Genetics)

Description taken from AllBud: A cross between the rare Dabney Blue and Lemon Thai strains.  This strain is well loved for its delicious taste of lemony blueberry muffins and aroma of blueberry vanilla bouquet with hints of lemony citrus. This bud has enormously oversized dark forest green nuggets with olive green patches, a spattering of fiery orange hairs, and a visible layer of sweet sticky resin. 

THC up to 22%/CBD 1-2%

Slightly Sativa Dominant Hybrid

First Year Trial / LIMITED (Supposed to finish by the last week of September)

Cherry Garcia (Ethos Genetics)

Description taken from AllBud: Jerry Garcia OG Kush is a rare strain that is said to be a phenotype of the infamous  OG Kush strain. This rare bud packs everything you love from a classic OG Kush into one tiny little package. Jerry Garcia OG Kush has a sweet and herbal grassy flavor with hints of woodiness on exhale. The aroma is very kushy and lemony with an herbal earthy overtone and a touch of spiciness.   This bud has long narrow bluish green nuggets with sparse orange hairs and a tiny coating of white crystal trichomes.

THC up to 28%

Indica Dominant Hybrid


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