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Clones: Welcome


We list our clones in two categories: Outdoor Certified and First Year Trial 

Outdoor Certified clones have been tested and evaluated to ensure that they finish on time in the short growing season of the northeast, are disease resistant and of the highest quality. 

First Year Trial are plants with potential that we have yet to evaluate. They are either clones from respected growers who have had success with the strain, or year one phenotype hunts of breeders we trust. 

Price List

$25- Clones fully rooted in 4 inch pots are 6 to 12 inches tall. 

Spring Bulk Orders

7 to 17 clones 10% off ($22.50 per clone)

18 to 35 clones 20% off ($20.00 per clone)

36 clones and above call for pricing (dependent on inventory)

 Outdoor Certified  (First Week of October) 7-9 Weeks indoors

Girl Crush (Mendo 20/20)

Along with Peanut Butter Breath our densest flower.  Beautiful plant with red streaked stems a winner even before it flowers, hence the name.  Terpenes scream of gasoline, licorice and a bit of that skunk. 

THC 29%

Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

Outdoor Certified (2nd Week of October) Indoor 8 to 9 Weeks

Peanut Butter Breath (Thug Pug genetics) 

Yes it actually does smell like peanut butter.  Its super dense, if I threw a flower at you it would hurt.  The bud sites are perfectly spaced, and the flowers are easily trimmed and covered in resin.  This one could probably be harvested the first week of Oct but patience is rewarded as another week of maturity takes this flower to the next level. 

THC 29%

Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

Outdoor Certified (2nd Week of October) Indoor 8 to 9 Weeks

 Grandpa's Cookies  (Ethos Genetics)

The nose on these flowers really stands out.  Classic cookie alongside some really exotic spices like sandalwood.  Contended for our best yield of very large, easily trimmed flowers.  In a year where growers reported more Septoria Brown spot than usual this plant proved to be maybe the resistant.

THC 25%

Indica Dominant 

Outdoor Certified (2nd Week of October) Indoor 8 to 9 Weeks

MAC 1 (Elite Clone Cut)

A strain famous throughout the country. This cut does not disappoint.  While she was a little late to get started she finished on time.  Beautiful colors of purple and red.  Classic cookie smell, sparkling trichomes, tiny little sugar leaves, dense flowers.  Plants are short and stocky and will require some thinning. 

THC 28%

Hybrid - 50% Sativa /50% Indica

First Year Trial

Freeborn Genetics

Mean Gean from Mendocino has been creating some of the most unique terpene profiles in the world for the last 20yrs.  He breeds only for the great outdoors and only regular/ natural seeds.  After seeing the quality and uniqueness of his strains we had to get some going outside in Maine and bring them to our customers.  These seeds were not easy to get a hold of as they are in high demand and Gene breeds more for quality than production. There will be a couple phenotypes of these strains so expect some variance.   

Ice Cream Cake 

Sourced from the Honeydew domaine of Southern Humblodt, this produces nice sturdy plants that are on the heavier-yielding side, with nice long dense flowers that are VERY easily manicured, with more and bolder flavors than it’s IceCreamCake parent. Faster finishing than the other crosses of this release, a variety of noses were observed when tested.  Tested extensively outdoors with phenomenal results. 


With this bud, the name says it all. Root Bear Float has a classic flavor that's exactly like your favorite sweet treat, although with a light touch of herb. The aroma is very earthy with a lemony pine overtone that's accented by a notable hint of pungent root beer. 

 First Year Trial (Expected Finish-Early October)

Mendo Lilac (Ethos)

Exclusive Release from Ethos Genetics. a cross of the famous Mendo Purp and Lilac Diesel.

THC 29%

Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

New Additions

First Year Trial

  • Strawberry Jamz

  • O.G. Kush

  • Baccio

  • SFV

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