Clones are sold out for the season.



We list our clones in two categories: Outdoor Certified and First Year Trial. 

Outdoor Certified clones have been tested and evaluated outdoors by us to

ensure that they finish on time in the short growing season of the northeast, are disease resistant and of the highest quality. 

First Year Trial are plants with potential that we have yet to evaluate. They are either clones from respected growers who have had success with the strain, or year one  phenotype hunts of breeders we trust.  

Price List

$25- Clones fully rooted in 4 inch pots are 6 to 12 inches tall. 

Bulk Orders

7 to 17 clones 10% off

18 clones and above 20% off

Teens (Limited Availability)

$75 and up- Teens in half gallon pots are 12 or more inches tall 

Coast of Maine Soil

$25-Stonington Blend Grower’s Mix (Super Soil) 1.5 cf bags (10 Gallons)

Clones are sold out for the season