Sold Out for the Season

Our clone evaluations will be completed in November. Check back in January for the list of clones that made the cut. 



We list our clones in two categories: Outdoor Certified and First Year Trial 

Outdoor Certified hundreds of clones have been tested and evaluated outdoors by us to ensure that they finish on time in the short growing season of the northeast , are disease resistant and of the highest quality. 

First Year Trial are plants with potential that we have yet to evaluate. They are either clones from respected growers who have had success with the strain, or year one  phenotype hunts of breeders we trust. 

Price List

$25- Clones fully rooted in 4 inch pots are 6 to 12 inches tall. 

Spring Bulk Orders

7 to 17 clones 10% off ($22.50 per clone)

18 to 35 clones 20% off ($20.00 per clone)

36 clones and above call for pricing (dependent on inventory)

Teens (Limited Availability in the Spring)

$40 and up- Teens in half gallon pots are 12 or more inches tall 

Outdoor Certified (Third week of September) 8-9 weeks indoors

Snow Lotus (Bohdi Seeds)

Our best performing early plant ever.  This plant retired the M.O.B for us so it’s that good.  Loaded with dense, easily trimmed flowers flush with sparkling trichomes. This plant required very little thinning and had excellent resistance to both powdery and bud rot.  Terpenes are filled with earthy, spicy notes.  

THC 21%  / CBD 1-2%

Indica Dominant Hybrid

Outdoor Certified (Third week of September)  7-8 weeks indoors

Purple Magic (Ethos Genetics)

A great early season plant for outside. This is a cross of  Heirloom Purple  with Mandarin Sunset. Grows fairly compact, with strong lateral branching. Very fast onset and quick to ripen as well. Flowers have beautiful purple highlights. The terpene profile offers notes of cotton candy, blueberry, grapes, and gas. Breeders celebrate this strain for having similar characteristics to Purple Urkle, so if you miss that classic purple strain, give Purple Majik a shot.   

THC 20 to 25%/CBD 1-2%

Slightly Indica Dominant Hybrid

Outdoor Certified (First to Second week of October) 7-9 weeks indoors

White Walker (Queen of the North)

We crossed our White Widow with a Sky Walker and the results were so good we replaced our White Widow with this cross.  This cross is one of our highest yielding strains along with our most vigorous.  No flashy colors but loaded with sparkling trichomes.  Heavy aromas of cheese.  Very bud rot resistant and we have never seen a spot of powdery mildew on it. 

THC 21% / CBD .01%

Sativa Dominant Hybrid 

Outdoor Certified (First week of October) 7-9 weeks indoors

Lemonberry Candy (Ethos Genetics) 

Terpenes are the strongest we have yet to test in any strain.  The sweet lemon and exotic spices will dwarf most any other flowers in your garden.  We hunted through over 20 different lemon phenos to find this beauty.  Flowers are tight and sparkly, trim easy and show great disease resistance. 

THC up to 23%/CBD 1-2%

Slightly Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Outdoor Certified (First week of October) 7-9 weeks indoors

Cherry Gar-see-YA (Ethos Genetics)

Another extensive outdoor tested phenotype you will only find through us.  What beautiful fall colors this girl showed us come mid October.  Sparkly trichomes and dark purple sugar leaves.  Terpenes scream of sour cherries.  Wonderful plant that will impress any discerning palate. 

THC 24% / CBD 1%-2%

Indica Dominant Hybrid

First Year Trial

Planet of the Grapes PotG (Ethos Genetics)

Description taken from AllBud: This strain is made to PRODUCE! Heavy flower yields are easy to get on this low-maintenance, medium-height, strong, lateral plant. This stain is said to extract HUGE in usable oils!   The aroma is only outdone by the flavor. Sharp grapes and sweet citrus are accompanied by heavy Chem Dog flavor.  

THC up to 28% / CBD 1% to 2%

Indica Dominant Hybrid

First Year Trial

Gorilla Skittlez  (Barneys Farm)

Description taken from Leafly:

A cross of two popular cultivars, Original Glue and Zkittlez, Gorilla Zkittlez is an indica that produces strong feelings of well-being, sedation, and creativity that may be too intense for novice consumers. This gassy strain is astringent, with a thick tropical fruit bouquet and a hint of chocolate.

THC 20% to 24%/ CBD 1% to2%

Indica Dominant Hybrid

First Year Trial

 Grandpa's Cookies  (Ethos Genetics)

Description taken from Ethos Genetics:

Beast Mode the entire cycle! Quality: Unique Boutique Terpenes: A complex variety of sandalwood, musky orange incense with sweet pine and skunk. Morphology: Lush and vigorous. Not very leafy. Height varies a bit along with lateral growth. The stockier plants are still extremely vigorous. They all stack dense, large flowers and yields are bountiful.

THC 22-24%/CBD 1-2%

Indica Dominant 

First Year Trial

Glookie (Barneys Farm)

Description taken from ALLBUD: Glookies is a rare slightly indica dominant hybrid strain (20% sativa/80% indica) created through crossing the infamous Girl Scout Cookies X Origional Glue (AKA –Gorilla Glue 4) strains. Glookies has a sweet nutty cookie flavor with a chocolaty diesel overtone that lingers long after your final exhale. The aroma is of earthy diesel and pungent chocolate with a spicy overtone that intensifies as the nugs are broken apart and burned. Glookies buds have rounded bright neon green nugs with dark olive leaves, thin orange hairs and a coating of tiny amber crystal trichomes.

THC up to 22%/CBD 1-2%

Indica Dominant Hybrid

First Year Trial

Dosidos (Jungle Boys)

Description from Jungle Boys:

Do-Si-Dos is an indica-dominant hybrid with qualities similar to its parent, OGKB, a GSC-phenotype. With glittering trichomes, bright pistils, and lime green and lavender leaves, this strain is a feast for eyes. Its aroma is pungent, sweet, and earthy with slight floral funkiness. These classic OG aromas blend nicely with medical-grade body effects.

THC 20-24%

Indica- Dominant Hybrid

First Year Trial

Slurricane (In House Genetics)

Description from Leafly: Slurricane is an indica marijuana strain made by crossing Do-Si-Dos with Purple Punch. Slurricane produces relaxing effects that come on slowly. This strain has a sweet flavor profile, with subtle grape and sugary berries. 

THC 19-23%

Indica Dominant 

First Year Trial


Description from Leafly: Mac 1, also known as "The MAC," is a hybrid marijuana strain that crosses Alien Cookies F2 with Miracle 15. Mac 1 is a popular strain that consumers turn to for upbeat and balancing effects. But Mac 1 is special because not just anyone can grow it. In fact, growers of Mac 1 (Capulator's Cut) have been carefully selected by the breeder in order to protect the quality of this versitile flower. Mac 1 has an eye-poppingly gorgeous buds that are nearly white and drenched in milky trichomes. Mac 1 comes through with a smooth, creamy, and funky terpene profile you can enjoy day and night. 

THC 21-25%

Hybrid - 50% Sativa /50% Indica



These cuts were phenohunted by the thousands and come from the breeder.  While Mendo 20/20 is a California breeder their Latitude is close enough to ours that the finish dates should be nearly identical.  We expect extremely high quality flower from these cuts. Click the links for more details. 

Girl Crush


Something Good

Snow G